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Something I’ve been wondering about…. why is it necessary to have this separation into a context map and a response map. Why can’t the response map itself be treated as the context?

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souenzzo16:11:33 does that For pedestal, i think the reason is "history"


Interesting. I have some difficulties gauging how much of Pedestal is replaced by reitit/sieppari and possibly other metosin projects?


I prefer pedestal. I have some critiques about metosin tools


What kind of critiques?


- they do performance in a "microbenchmark world" - they usually prefer unqualified keys - they use BreakVer - they usually over-extend their interfaces to "developer easiness"


Interesting. I’m not that intimately familiar with their libraries other than spec-tools which we had a couple of uses for at my old work. My superficial impression is that they seem to be kind of intent on learning from and one-upping Cognitect with many of their libs.


I think there is definitely some value in a slow-moving project like Pedestal and I do respect Dan, whom I’ve met a few times as he was a visiting consultant at my old workplace (along with many other Cognitecters).


I'm not belittling their work. I use/recommend them. But I do not feel as confident with it.