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Hi developers,

mlimotte17:11:34 is looking for a ClojureScript Developer in Austin. > Have you or a close friend been affected by the housing affordability crisis? Do you believe good design can not only transform a space but also positively impact a person's mental state? By and large millennial homeowners are priced out of urban centers and turnkey homes. With 80% of homes now older than 20 years old, the options for affordable housing are typically dated and underwhelming. The need for cost-effective, stylish renovations has never been higher, but the process hasn't changed in decades. > > Skipp is building a product with world class architects, designers and technologists to not only make the process of transforming a home easier and affordable, but also fun and inspiring. We are an early stage, VC-backed startup using AI and the latest in spatial technology to simplify the renovation process and democratize access to elevated designs for the everyday homeowner. In just hours, Skipp's technology can generate real-time pricing, architect-grade documentation, visualizations, and material schedules. With our approach, homeowners can not only access world-class designs for their actual space immediately, but can also efficiently manage their budget and have all the documentation needed for a streamlined RFP and construction process. > > We are looking for a ClojureScript Frontend engineer with start-up experience. This will be an early hire for the company – one of the first non-founding members on the engineering team with an opportunity to influence the strategic technology direction and company culture.

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