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Ivan Fedorov09:09:28

Looking for a 2-6 months remote contract (frontend/fullstack). Will create loads of value for your project especially if you need a fast and serious UI. CV : web : https://spacegangster.ioย  personal magnum opus:

Janis Peisenieks11:09:53

We at are looking for both Backend and Frontend Clojure Developers to join our team! Weโ€™re a Clojure/ClojureScript based SaaS company, that is building tools for visual collaboration and thinking. 100% remote, and looking for folks in US/Canada/Europe More info and application links in ๐Ÿ‘‡ . And if you have any questions - shoot me a DM!

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===== BARRACUDA โ€“ Software Engineer - clojure, elasticsearch - cybersecurity - OPEN TO REMOTE US We build cybersecurity products that protect our customers from a growing number of attacks on their email, networks, and applications. Tech stack: react, clojure, elasticsearch, kafka, postgres, redis, kubernetes, istios, docker, AWS Monitoring/Alerting: Prometheus, Graphana, NewRelic, ELK (Kibana dashboards), Sensu, PagerDuty Do you love working on large-scale distributed systems? Optimizing for performance and scale? Do you treat monitoring and observability as first-class citizens in your design? Come build products with us! Design and drive implementation of highly scalable, highly available, highly secure services deploying to AWS that process billions of email messages and other data types flowing through a secure ingestion pipeline. Create backend APIs supporting new product features - mainly around threat detection, full text search and retrieval, and metadata operations on the data. Drive design, implementation, and review of major areas of the codebase, adding new features and evolving the system to meet product growth and performance requirements. We're a remote team with a strong engineering culture. We value code quality, innovative thinking, good communication, occasional pair programming, and sound testing practices. We provide opportunities for mentoring and investment in your own professional development. This team operates with a lot of autonomy and uses modern technologies and CI/CD pipelines. I'm the hiring manager, and would love to tell you more about the role, reach out here or at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or in the Clojurians Slack community (anwood). We're a friendly bunch! ===

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We've recently hired other folks we've met through here... hoping to keep up the trend of successful Clojurian hires.