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Does anyone know about some resources regarding missionary ? Like blog post or code repo to read some examples (only found a couple of repo in github). I went through the cljdoc and Leo's post on clojureverse.


I don’t know a lot more than that. I have some notes here but also still learning


When I first looked at it the documentation felt like it got very detailed very soon and lacked a bit more “getting started” type of material. Code snippets you can follow in the REPL to understand how things are working and stuff like that. Also the various helpers like m/? m/ap m/?= felt like a hurdle to overcome. I don’t quite understand how I’m supposed to “read” them, which I think affects comprehension. @U053XQP4S I wonder if there might be value in a generic documentation issue on GH where people can drop stuff they learned, and/or request certain documentation?


I’d be happy to try and funnel back some of what I learned into the repo (probably in the form of a CLJS REPL starter guide type thing)