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I'm getting a weird problem in Pathom 3. On running (pco/params env), it gives me {:com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.operation/optional? true}, which are not my parameters. If I run (get-in env [::pcp/graph ::pcp/source-ast :params]) I can find my actual parameters. Has anyone seen this?


how do you specify your params? In a placeholder? I don’t know if it’s your problem but if you specify the data in a placeholder ( they will be available as resolver inputs but not as params ( Regarding the :com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.operation/optional?, it’s a param injected when you use (pco/? on your eql keys:

(pco/? :key)
=> (:key #:com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.operation{:optional? true})


harder to say without the full example