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Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with WSL (I don’t use Windows) and I don’t really know how IntelliJ’s recent support works either, sorry. Hopefully someone who’s actually using it can chime in and be more useful than me.


I've not had that particular error @U01JPGC1PQQ, my issues with wsl2 have been related to ports. In my experience it's better to boot the repl in wsl2 via terminal for example and then connect to cursive via a remote repl...


Just make sure you open your ports internally and it works fine


@U0JUM502E the ports are open, this isn't the issue. The issue is when running the application or the tests, which in that case Cursive has to run a new JVM (and not just connect to the REPL)


Are you able to run your application or your tests by using the Run or Debug in Intellij?


Hmm, to be honest I don't run my tests within intellij, I just run them at the command line on wsl2. My application does function fine when I've run it, but it effectively runs in windows if I trigger it with run configuration not wsl2.


So these don't end up being blockers for me, whereas REPL experience is the main thing I care about 😃... Sorry if that's unhelpful!


Oh no worries, it's always helpful. Thanks 🙂


@U01JPGC1PQQ I've been running Cursive in WSL2 for some time, by running an X server (VcXsrv) and the Linux version of IntelliJ. There's a little bit of setup to enable X11 forwarding, then you're good to go:


When WSLg is released, running graphical apps such as IntelliJ on WSL should be easier.


Which reminds me I should try this out next chance I get 😃...