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California US, needs us work authorization Hi all 👋 Yummly is by far the best place I have worked and this team has more than the average amount of code-related fun. Interesting topics include • Teaching computers Food, • Internet connected kitchen gadgets (oh my!) • Natural Language Processing, • Infrastructure automation (aka DevOps though that term is kinda vague these days) We are a distributed team and have a great office, so I'm posting this to both #jobs and #remote-jobs because the choice is yours!

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Elliot Stern12:05:44

A lot of the team is remote in the US, yeah. @U0128GU4FJN might be able to answer about being able to hire remote outside the US.

Miki Goyal15:05:31

All employees must be in the US and are 100% remote. For folks outside the US, we can consider a contract position.