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Hello! - I'm Andrea, the manager of a Clojure team building a modern distributed system using Kafka streams, ,Elasticsearch and Kubernetes for the Barracuda Sentinel and Forensics security products. We're currently hiring at least 2 engineers (bring a friend!). Our ingestion pipeline processes about 2M+ objects every 15 minutes, with a rolling multi-petabyte volume of data available for multiple products’ usage. These products are expected to grow at least 4X in the next year. We provide API endpoints for accessing or taking action on the data. The features we build help protect our customers from a variety of security and data threats coming at them every day - so your work on this team has meaning and impact. Performance monitoring and observability are first class citizens in the design enabling us to measure the impact of changes to the system as it evolves.  We're a remote team with autonomy and a strong engineering culture. We collaborate with skilled devops engineers on our team to deliver a service with modern deployment and autoscaling capabilities. And we like each other.  If you have experience building large-scale distributed systems in the cloud, and a hunger for meeting the challenges of such a system, come join us!  Apply via the link – or reach out to me directly with questions – I'd enjoy telling you more about the positions. <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>  Tech Stack and Tools: clojure, elasticsearch, kafka, postgres, redis, kubernetes, docker, AWS, istio, sumologic, prometheus, sensu, github (Note: Hybrid available if you are near one of our offices and crave human contact.)

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Although I shouldn't say anything since I'll soon be competing with her to hire Clojure devs Andrea is a great manager and you'd be lucky to get the chance to work with her.

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