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in datomic cloud it seems retractions without value work [:db/retract <eid> :some/attr] to retract any current value(s)… I was surprised by this as the tx data reference documentation doesn’t mention this possibility


It was added more than a year ago in Could be valuable to update the documentation page.

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good to know


Hi there. We are currently setting up datomic on-prem to use. And one thing that is not entirely clear is: How do you handle datomic-pro in the CI? We have several CI tasks, that run a lot through the day (depending on the number of pushes). Downloading datomic-pro with the same credentials every time is surely not a good practice, or is it?


Is this for peers or the transactor? less specific advice: CIs often provide a file caching mechanism. E.g. CircleCI restore_cache and save_cache


we don’t really need a transactor in any of our CI processes, so this may just be a non-problem?


We either use a docker image which we prepare in advance and use for multiple projects. For other apps we use the in-memory feature (although I think that's deprecated since dev-local).


Thanks for the answers :thumbsup: