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What else is there beyond parinfer that people most often use in vim? Just vim-sexp and ?


I would like to be able to edit clojurescript files better, and I am not sure where to move, what to practice.

Noah Bogart11:05:21

Those are great. I also like/use andymass/vim-matchup and wellle/targets.vim


anybody using vim with shadow-cljs? i tried fireplace and iced ... neither are straightforward, and when i fumble around enough to get a connection working then they seem to break when they try to require cider on the js side and the connection goes bad. my next step at this point is to try downgrading cider, et. al to the versions that were around when these plugins were built, but i also don't really know what should work since i've seen very few mentions of anyone trying this


I use conjure with Vim and it supports shadow-cljs


I'm playing around with shadow-cljs and it's new to me, but so far, vim + conjure seem to work


There is the #conjure channel if you need more help


fireplace setup with shadow-cljs is relatively straightforward with I've only arrived into the shadow-cljs world as of last week but haven't had any issues after getting set up. What have you tried with fireplace and shadow-cljs?


thanks, i forgot about conjure. after a bit of struggling it now seems to be working for me so at least i can move on.