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New release of application template Now all functionality of `just`, `direnv` utilities performed by `babashka` v0.3.7+ This template will give you the following basic project workflow:

mike@mbp02 bb tasks
The following tasks are available:

clean        Clean target folder
build        Build application for this project (standalone uberjar file)
install      Install application uberjar file locally (requires the pom.xml file)
deploy       Deploy this application
run          Run application
repl         Run Clojure repl
outdated     Check for outdated dependencies
bump         Bump version artifact in `project-version` file, level may be one of: major, minor, patch, alpha, beta, rc, release.
test         Run tests
format       Format source code
lint         Lint source code
javac        Compile java sources (if any)
jar          Build thin jar file for this application
standalone   Create a standalone application with bundled JDK (using jlink, JDK 9+)
requirements Install project requirements

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