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Commsor are hiring a senior full stack engineer to join our growing team: We help community managers understand their community by connecting data from their communities (GitHub, Slack, Discourse, etc.) and helping them cross reference insights from that. We're built on Postgres, ClojureScript and Clojure. The main challenges we're currently tackling involve a lot to do with scaling out our analytics and community ingestion pipeline, and moving towards an all new UI on the front-end. Please apply through the job post above.

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Athens is hiring Clojure(Script) engineers! We're building an open-source knowledge graph for research and notetaking. and Our tech stack includes reagent, re-frame, shadow-cljs, datascript, datahike, instaparse, and electron. We don't have a typical interview process: just join our Discord and start contributing and doing Gitcoin bounties. We've had contributions from Clojurians like @borkdude and @thheller 🙏 More background here:

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