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Kenny Tay18:04:45

Flair is looking for a mid level Clojure developer to build out cool new features on our frontend. • Location: 100% Remote in the USA/Canada • Company: Fast growing startup building next gen home heating/cooling technology to reduce carbon emissions worldwide • Compensation: Competitive salary + Equity • Preferred: React/React Native experience, >4 years of Clojure(script) experience For more information on the job posting, check out

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You may also want to post in the #remote-jobs channel.

Kenny Tay18:04:11

roger that, thanks for the tip!


Hello, our team at Amazon is looking for a general developer. The position is in Seattle, WA and doesn’t have visa sponsorship. We use mostly Clojure, some Java, and a bit of Scala. We manage a screening and investigation platform. We use a lot different tools to solve problems and wear many hats - long running workflows to keep track of investigations, we closely work with our investigators and compliance officers to understand their needs, we put a decision tree model into production to automate investigations, and design UI for investigators to name a few things. Please email a resume and a summary of your general engineering experience to: (send to both please) <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>, <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Thanks

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Roman Ostash19:04:20

Hi! Would you consider someone working remotely for this position? Thanks!


No sorry.