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Michaël Salihi20:04:02

Hi everyone! I’ve written a Ring middleware for, a new concept to build single-page apps without building an API. This lets you build SPA with Reagent, React, Vue and Svelte using Clojure server side for the routing, controllers, etc. If your interested, there is some examples in the lib repo: Cheers!

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Michaël Salihi13:04:32

Woohoo! My Clojure adapter is added to the Inertia website. 👍

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I started embarking on a project creating a ring-like interface for express. It’s working but want to think some things through and write docs/tests before releasing. How true to ring’s API did you stay? Right now all my test handlers are manually extracting promise data that the request could be wrapped in and returning a promise with the result. I’m tempted to switch gears to something between ring and interceptor based since I can manage promises automatically between the handlers that way. Given that you made this I might go ahead and change my api so that it’s ring-ish but is async or sync without the user having to think or know about it.

Michaël Salihi20:04:08

Sound interesting. 👍 It kinds remind me Macchiato, do you know?


I had no idea about that one. Thanks! It's definitely higher quality than what I have currently. Might expand on what I have to make it more ergonomic for cljs\js and see what comes of it. Will definitely have to start playing with your library and macchiato though 🙂

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