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Am I the only one having strange Cursive behavior since the last 16/04 update..? I have files that don’t recognize any var and Clojure core functions randomly, protocol implementations not recognized either. I have to remove the :require part from the namespace and then re-adding them progressively to make it work again. I’ve also tried removing the .idea folder and reimporting the project without success...


That sometimes happens after updates, generally File -&gt; Invalidate indexes and restart… will fix that.


thank you good to know, I’ve reinstalled cursive and it works now but I’ll try that next time 👍


Does that ^^^ need sth for shadow-cljs.edn? I just finally got Cursive going for that using


It seems to be related to the "idempotent computation" dialog. It could be that only one of resulting values is saved and that could lead to corrupted indexes. It used to be quite rare but with recent IDEA versions and Cursive I need to "restart and invalidate" on daily basis. If you re-run indexing you're more likely to avoid this race condition (speculating).