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I've started reading the Software Design for Flexibility book and wanted to try it in Scheme. But I got stuck - I installed this layer:

(scheme :variables
             scheme-implementations '(mit racket))
I have mit scheme interpreter installed on my MacOS (via homebrew). But when I try to eval a file (`,e b` ) it just keeps asking if I want to start the repl and nothing really happens. I tried (setq geiser-mit-binary "/usr/local/bin/scheme") but now it's not doing anything at all (not even prompting me) Does anybody have a working setup?


I assume you restarted Spacemacs after installing Scheme and you have been able to run scheme on the command line. Also assume you've checked spacemacs.env shows the correct values for path. You may get more feedback on the Spacemacs Gitter channel. Sorry I can't be of more help.


Yep, I restarted and I can run it on command line. I checked env now and it looks good I think. I'll try again later.