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hipster coder02:11:35

Looking for a Clojure/Node/CLJS fan who is open to working for a startup with equity+profit share+deferred salary.


After huge success in hiring for a client of mine in Scotland I've been tasked now to find a new developer to join the team. My client is now looking for a Full stack Developer with more of a focus on Clojurescript (65-70%) over the Clojure back-end (30-35%) on a permanent basis. Salary available between £55,000 - £60,000 per year The position is available to be 100% remote (Only for candidates with rights to work in Europe with EU citizenship or permanent visa's) We are looking for at least 2-3 Years experience in Clojure development Quick interview rounds and feedback available on this role. If interested please message me directly

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Is it located in Scotland? And not open to Brits?


Hi Aleksander, Apologies I mis relayed the information the position is available in the UK and in Scotland but can also be available 100% remote for anyone in Europe with EU nationality or permanent visa's


Fellow Clojurians, I'm looking for a clj(s) dev to join me on a project (and more in the future) using (in no particular order) Ring, re-frame, Clojurephant, clj & cljs, GitLab, and obviously some more. Topic is strategic for the company. Position is remote-friendly, company HQ is in Berlin/Germany. Polyglot a plus. Please DM me.

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Vincent Cantin02:11:05

If it is remote friendly, you may also post it to #remote-jobs and precise how remote you are willing to be in the post.


Thanks for pointing out. I saw that channel and figured I wouldn't want to spam people. After all, it's still job spam. 😉