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hello all, I started shadow-cljs with pedestal integration, so, the web server is not in shadow-cljs. What is happen if I use somthing like this? I tried to use embded connection but it fails


the webserver is stared in clj session


Sounds like you'll need to connect to a socket REPL in the web server then @fabrao


It's just a JVM option (I have socket REPL under a :socket alias for that so I can combine it with anything else).


Hello Sean, I did it into clojure session, but in clojurescript repl for connect embeded is not working


I could connect to shadow-cljs repl


Shadow Socket-REPL was given an wrong token. Please, be sure you have the Shadow-CLJS compiler running and watching some build-id <- returning this


@seancorfield so, It seems that something is worng


Ah, I don't know anything about ClojureScript, sorry.


anyway, thanks for your time


@fabrao the best thing you can do is to run shadow over lein or deps, so a single socket-repl is used to connect both to the pedestal and clojurescript


So then, when you connect to the REPL on lein or deps, shadow will also be present

William Skinner18:11:07

Does anyone here use clj-kondo in Atom? I can't get it working.


I use it all the time @skinner89 What's up?


Do you get any errors/alerts in the editor when it is trying to lint your code?


Have you verified you can run it from the command-line, and prep'd your clj-kondo cache for your project per the clj-kondo README?

William Skinner19:11:58

I don't get any errors or alerts and no linting

William Skinner19:11:11

I've run it from the command line. Missed the cache step


macOS? Linux? The Atom package for the clj-kondo linter needs to be able to find the executable on the path. How/where did you install the command-line executable?

William Skinner19:11:53

Linux ubuntu. It's on my user's path. Atom is running as my user.

William Skinner19:11:47

I created the cache but I'm still seeing nothing in atom


@skinner89 did you install the linter packages on Atom?

William Skinner19:11:34

just linter and linter-kondo


The cache is not necessary for linting, you will just better linting :)


@skinner89 How did you install it, via a package manager?

William Skinner19:11:09

no downloaded it and put it on my path


maybe Atom has a different idea of PATH than your shell?


is it possible to start atom from your shell, similar to how you can start vscode from the shell using $ code?

William Skinner19:11:24

Yeah that's possible

William Skinner19:11:35

let me just install via apt

Ian Fernandez19:11:40

you can inspect env path that the program runs by doing bash -X atom

Ian Fernandez19:11:56

to see if is in the path

William Skinner20:11:39

I use zsh but I just switched over to bash to try that. I'm getting bash: -X: invalid option . When ran bash atom I was promoted to install linter-ui-default. Still not seeing any linter messages

William Skinner20:11:39

linter-ui-default installed but was disabled from a previous attempt at setting this up.

William Skinner20:11:54

seeing linter ui

William Skinner20:11:57

I appreciate the help