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Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys saw this: I've never been to that meetup, so I can't say anything about the group. I was wondering if you guys like to meet the Vienna folks?


Also, have you guys heard of the Global Day of Code Retreat ( I'm helping to run the one in Calgary this year, but feel free to join whichever city that fits your schedule!

Adrian Smith17:11:53

Seems cool @richard ? - The upload for the core logic stuff is forgot to post it last week


Hi - I'm happy to join this


I may need to pop in and out of the meeting - I've a few things I need to do tonight before the new lockdown.

👍 3

What new lockdown?


😄 We've a minilockdown for a month here to reduce covid rates


😢 Sorry to hear about that. Then again, I sympathize since we're basically locked down for months over here