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Justin Duncan01:07:37

Any opportunities for a entry level dev to join a clojure shop? open-source is ok as well, looking for recommendations to gain experience 🙂. Edit: I've attached my CV as well.


i am sure there are but sometimes they are rare. It's better to look for a position and someone might see you as a fit. post CV, what you are looking for and what you know best way to get experience is to make your own project. self driven learning produces sweetest fruits

Justin Duncan10:07:24

Thanks for you advice. I am making my own app in clj/cljs and learning a ton while also getting into some stickiness here and there 🙂.

Eric Ervin19:07:57

Senior Jumpmaster is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a CV.


you're in Denver?

Rick Hanson03:07:07

What’s this “yup”? Don’t you mean “Yes, Sir”? 😃

Justin Duncan05:07:42

:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: SIR YES SIR!


Rally dev used to have some Clojure teams in Denver


Looks like they got swallowed up, though, not sure if that team is still there

Eric Ervin19:07:20

I really have a hard time reading the smallest font on your CV. Just one anecdote.

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Justin Duncan00:07:12

Thanks for your feedback

Rob West04:07:00

Late follow-up, but the Rally folks have moved to Broomfield to be with the rest of the Broadcom folks. Looks like they might have a couple positions open that might do Clojure at times. Here's a link to one of them:

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Justin Duncan13:07:31

Thanks I will definitely apply!