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How do we issue queries from Fulcro that satisfy resolvers with multiple required inputs (i.e. how to leverage :pathom/context)? I know that using load with a component that has an ident will issue an ident query, but what's the approach for adding more info to that? (Also, I'd like to add it to :pathom/context, not to env params, which I have figured out 🙂 )


Hello! i recently saw and i got really interested in this. I don't fully get the concept and i want to get my hands dirty Do you have any project in mind that would allow me to use this concept and explore it little bit more? Are there any examples of simpler projects? sorry if the question sounds stupid but i am not sure how to ask it right i feel like i am in the 'i dont know what i don't know zone' but this concept is really really interesting to me


I have some sample/demo apps that I usually develop with pathom/fulcro for some PoC or try something new


oh wow there are a lot of stuff here how does your software look like when this is demo 😄 thanks for sharing


PS: Although I am a #datomic user, I think that I'm still a #crux noob.


@lepistane welcome 👋 , I think it can be interesting to write any kind of integration system, something to combine data from multiple sources are a very nice fit, and you can do that just implementing the parser and running queries, and then later, if you like, you can plug Fulcro app to make it visual, makes sense?