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Crinkle: A CLJS React v16.8+ un-wrapper. Use any normal one-arg function for rendering, even if its arg is a CLJS data structure (no wrapping of props needed). Also provides hooks to "memoize" values across render invocations using CLJS value equality.

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this is fantastic, I like your approach to converting props very much


looking at the approach, I imagine this is the best speed trade-off I've seen so far.


Thanks! It is a bit risky because it relies on some react internals, but I really just wanted raw props


I also discovered later that the prop needs to be at least typeof object. I used a function as a prop once and it worked but react logged a warning to console


Also for some reason the Clojars badge is reporting 1.1.0 as the latest version. It’s not, 2.0.0 is


This is just a short list of housekeeping stuff I haven’t taken care of yet


ah, I hadn't noticed the risk yet 😛 I was just referring to the macro where you detect that it's a map literal, or do an optimized-looking shallow conversion. It's quite neat 🙂


Ah ok, that stuff is for the RE macro; CE doesn’t inspect the prop at all


[statistics/data science] New fresh library! Fit you data to a distribution. Inference, MLE, QME and MGE methods (+ bootstrap) are supported. State: WIP/alpha.

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borkdude20:07:03 Transform JSON into EDN into Transit and vice versa. Provided as binary CLI tool, but also invokable as a CLI tool from the JVM.

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