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Fulcro3 works with react-native I want some feedback about this render method


Updated. Now way simpler sharing the same after-load and main functions


@tony.kay app->react-component-target says nothing about react-native Is just a way to "pack" a fulcro app as a raw react component, maybe can be used to mount a fulcro-app inside a react.js(x) application do you think that it can be inside fulcro ns's?


(maybe with a better name)


If you want to propose a ns for React native helper code I’m open…that functions isn’t tied to native, but I’m not sure what else you’d use it for.

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Ahmed Hassan10:07:55

Is there Fulcro3 lein template available?


Does anyone have advice on building paginated forms? Is it possible to use form-state across different routes? Should I avoid routing on pages?


Are there any examples setting up workspaces with Fulcro3?


@ahmed1hsn No. There is just the work-in-progress fulcro3-template


@levitanong Form state is tree-centric if you want “overall form” logic, but if you want to use it across routes/pages just treat each page as a form and assemble it together at the end, OR make a top component that is the full form, and treat pagination as a non-component concern (use data in your own component to “route over” the sub-pages of the single-component form.


@grierson The latest workspaces (I think it is released) has Fulcro 3 support, but you’d have to look at that projects (source?) for the things to use. I have not had time to play with it. @wilkerlucio did the updates. NOTE: Workspaces is written in Fulcro 2, so be careful not to mix Fulcro 2 code into your own app, since f2 and f3 will be on the classpath (which is fine).


You can also compose the subforms into the top component (all components) and just show one subcomponent at a time…again: you do the “routing”, but the query has all elements of the form at the same time.

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