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Hiring at my company Aclaimant. I've been here about 2 months and love it. Come work with me: We are all remote

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Hey everyone, we're looking for short term contract help. PT is OK, though FT is preferred. 60-90 days. Remote on a fully remote team.


Full-stack Clojure Developer - Contract

Carrot is a SaaS product and open source project to bring more transparency to organizations. We’re looking for a full-stack Clojure/ClojureScript web developer for 60-90 days of remote work on our fully remote team.

We are full-stack Clojure with ClojureScript/Rum/React on the front end and micro-services on the back end. All the code is open source, so you can check it out:  

You can get a sense of what we’d be like to work with our team by reading our developer onboarding here:  and by looking through our code and pull requests.

We’re looking for development help over the next 60-90 days. We’re totally remote, so we’re open to any location, you just need good written and spoken English fluency and ability to overlap some with US business hours. We do need someone with Clojure experience and used to working remotely. The developer will be working closely with the two co-founders, one of which is the CTO, and with our other engineer and our design team. 

Clojure experience and being comfortable with remote development (e.g. Slack, GitHub, video conferences and online collaboration) is a must. Experience with React, Liberator, Slack APIs, RethinkDB, and/or Electron is an awesome bonus! Cross-platform mobile development experience is an even extra-bonusy bonus.

You can check us out here: 

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Please DM me if you're interested!