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Dear channel: Here’s a reminder that the Calva wiki on Github is open for editing by anyone with a Github account. Today it is quite hard to follow the Getting Started instructions because I have failed finding a format for them. If someone has an idea how to fix this, you can help Calva by just rewriting and reorganizing stuff. That said, Getting started is going to change with Calva 2. But since regular connect will still be there, we will still need the current instructions to be easy to follow.


@pez I think in addition to the text tutorial, when things get stable it would be great to have a video tutorial of a vanilla machine until the ideal clojure setup within vscode. looking forward to v2


Yes, a getting started video as well. Then Calva will exist for real.

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It very much exists to me. Last week, I sold my Mac Mini because of Calva! I had to purchase the mini as an extra device to run Cursive before starting using Calva because my main machine wasn't able to handle multiple JetBrains' projects smoothly...


Haha, I may want to quote your customer story. ❤️