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I think the Spacemacs develop docs mention it


But one surprising thing with Emacs in general is that it has it's own environment and path


I have been using cider-undef a bit more recently, especially when refactoring function names. This makes sure the old definitions are gone and any calling code will break so I can fix it. The keybinding is a classic Emacs style, C-c C-u, so I though it would be useful to add e u to the major mode, so we can do , e u in evil normal state or M-RET e u in other states. Does this seem like a good nemonic keybinding to add?

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I like that


Great, I'll do a PR very soon. Thanks for the feedback.


And its merged into develop already... things are moving much faster in Spacemacs land now 🙂


It would have been even faster, but I forgot to tidy up the spacing on the file.