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I'm looking for spring boot starter project, but honestly java for controllers and such, but ability to have clojure package to add functionality.


@nxtk I believe spec is closer to being a contracts system (as it borrowed ideas from Racket Contracts). I'm getting that from the author of Practical TLA+. Differentiating between tests, contracts, and types: (see the Getting the Spec section) Here he mentions that clojure.spec is a contracts system:

Ivan Koz05:04:30

@bmaddy thank you very much, i'll read today

Scott Starkey11:04:08

Hi there, all. Previously I had everything working in a Mac environment with Intellij, but I updated my Mac and I think that broke stuff. I am now getting this error message:

SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".
SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation
SLF4J: See  for further details.
Exception in thread "main" Connection refused (Connection refused), compiling:(core.clj:72:3)
	at clojure.lang.Compiler$InvokeExpr.eval(
	at clojure.main.main(
Caused by: Connection refused (Connection refused)

Scott Starkey11:04:44

The [...] is all of my included modules.

Scott Starkey11:04:19

Does anyone have experience with this sort of foobar? 😩

Scott Starkey11:04:05

Answering my own question… I think it’s a classpath problem after I updated Java.


Hi, I was trying out schema, and I have a use case I am not sure schema is suited for, or what I should be using in this case. I need to run different functions at runtime depending if they satisfy a schema or not. I was trying to find a valid? function for boolean validation, not exception one. Is there anything, or what other approach could I use in this case? I don’t want to use a :type property because I can have merged maps that satisfy more than one schemas and run all functions if they satisfy more than one, and things like that.


which schema are you talking about @bertofer?


plumatic schema


Was looking for an equivalent of valid? in spec, as I don’t want to use spec yet in this project (although the select part would fit very well in my use case)


oh. I'm not familiar with that


I found that I can use check for a checker that doesn’t throw Exceptions

Jamie Rumbelow15:04:59

Hi all! I’ve got a series of functions that I want to pass a map through. I’d like each function to be able to e.g. append something to a nested key. Here’s one example:

(defn enrich-with-parenthetical-definitions [document]
  (merge document
         {:structure {:definitions
                      (map str ((re-seq re-paren-phrase (:text document))))}}))
How can I ‘reach in’ to document and append to document.structure.definitions without overwriting the previous value? Merge seems to overwrite.


look at update-in @jamie962


specifically passing in conj as the updating function

Jamie Rumbelow15:04:42

perfect! thank you!

Jamie Rumbelow16:04:57

BTW, #beginners, parinfer is an excellent excellent excellent tool ( takes a bit of getting used to, but pays dividends.

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Ivan Koz16:04:33

parinfer with paredit is even better


hey y'all seeking some feedback on, particularly there are some questions in the Thoughts section of the README that I'd appreciate input on


also would appreciate any input/feedback/suggestions on any of the code


Love me some parinfer and paredit. I've been using Atom with it all, and I notice some weird proto-repl bugs.

code star 823:04:17

Has the proto repl helped you be more productive? It is on my list of things to try.


Proto-REPL is amazing, I can’t imagine going back to LightTable even if there were to ever be an update. But yes, I have noticed two annoying things: (1) The font for the output does not change color when you change the Atom theme. I change from light to dark repeatedly depending on where I am, so I always have to edit the stylesheet each time. (2) Often I accidentally run things that trip an infinite loop and I have to do a hard shutdown of Atom (or it crashes). When it reopens, there is a “Console” pane where the Proto-REPL pane was, and when I start the REPL, it opens another pane. Then when I close the “Console” pane, it stops the REPL :man-facepalming::skin-tone-2:


I have found #2, but never #1. I do have some struggles between it and a hard-core command line terminal on a code I'm looking at. I end up having to run proto-repl with a nrepl to the cmd one.