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@robertfrederickwarner You can instrument a function definition before running the tests using the cider debugger, , d b or M-RET d b in Spacemacs, or put #dbg on the line before the function definition. When you run the tests you see the code step through the function with the values of symbols and function calls as each test executes.


I have a question, what is C-c called formally by emacs


is it the common prefix?


@theeternalpulse that is press and hold Ctrl key and press c key C- is short for Ctrl M- is for Meta, usually Alt on PC or Option on Mac S- is for Shift I forget if there is a short-hand for Super, but then i dont really use that key with Emacs.


H- - hyper, s- - super, A- - alt. Meta and Alt used to be different keys

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oh no, I know what the command does, but what is the C-c key called?


as in how is it referred to in general by emacs users. Similar to how evil/vim has a "leader" key designation


It’s part of a chord. Never heard a term for the first part or prefix