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Kira Sotnikov07:12:14

robert-stuttaford <off> CircleCI supports env variables, did you try to use it for handle multiple aws accounts?</off>


we did. we currently have to store creds in circle.yml and that’s bad.

Kira Sotnikov08:12:00

yeah, it's not good idea to store credentials into code. However you could set up the creds into the web-interface of Circle

Kira Sotnikov08:12:33

and it would be more securely because noone coulld see you creds even has access to the web-ui


it only supports one set of creds. we need to namespace the creds by git branch, because we use multiple aws accounts; one per env


trust me, i’m pretty clear on this; CircleCI doesn’t have the support we need


anyway. offtopic 🙂


Maybe there's a better channel for this? 🙂