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@ikitommi how stable is compojure-api 1.2.0-alpha1? I am interested in squeezing out every inch of cpu from our production environment


Hello guys, I got stucked right on the beginning with configuration. I am using compojure-api 1.2.0-alpha1 and I did my configuration via

(def app (api {:formats [:json-kw :transit-json]
              :swagger swagger-config}))
Howevever I am getting Key must be an integer error, problem is obviously :formats key but I am not sure what's going on.


Thanks for help


ok, solved, it's format instead of formats


@petr.mensik I think it's the other way around, changed it to :formats so that the old configuration would break at creatipn time with good description. Contributions welcome for good migration docs.


@singen it's alpha, so subject to change :) No guarantees, but not planning to break more things and we have been running different versions of 1.2.0-* in prod for some time now. Muuntaja options will get one round of polishing, small things. To support async ring, all mw need to be lifted (and tested) to async.


@ikitommi Actually :format works for me - however I will look into the docs, thanks 🙂