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Hello folks. Anyone here use Clojure with jMonkeyEngine? I saw weaverjester's gist with an example recently but wondered if there was much of a community. I have little experience with game dev, but I'm interested in what a functional approach has to offer there (and would like to learn more).


The Clojure user survey never asks about games, but if you go by google search results, it looks like jMonkeyEngine is not as popular as play-clj and other java wrappers. In my own experience the most active community is Arcadia which is a fork of ClojureCLR to work with Unity3D


if jMonkeyEngine is something you're interested in, it never hurts to pick up the torch.


Ah. Just yesterday I saw a blog post about Arcadia, but I didn't realize they were using ClojureCLR. Makes sense.


Hadn't heard of play-clj. Have to check that out


@sekao is the creator of that one, in fact his whole github profile is full of wonderful things


as far as what functional programming has to offer game development there are a few talks and blogs on that but for me it was the hot code reloading, repl driven development and the time traveling