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Hallo Clojurians in Europe: if you're a freelancer and available to work on clj(s) for 8+ weeks starting in December, on-site in Berlin (at least initially), please pm me with CV and any work samples. The project is about humanity's second biggest challenge: moving the world faster to clean, smart energy. I'm looking mostly for front-end expertise, so cljs and reagent should be very comfortable tools for you already. Work will be full-time and paid at market rates. Thanks!


@limist kudos for working on clean energy :)


Reify is hiring two Clojure(Script) developers to make a difference in the clinical trial space. We are open to remote coworkers in North America but are prioritizing candidates local to Boston or willing to relocate. See and for more. Cheers and apologies for the cross posting w/ #remote-jobs