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@cfleming I did a fresh install of IntelliJ and it turns out the RAM settings were not getting persisted for some reason. Now the RAM bar in the bottom right shows the correct amount of RAM and everything is running much smoother. I backed up my settings, deleted all my IntelliJ config folders from previous installations, and imported the backed up settings into the new IntelliJ installation. I guess deleting those old config folders did the trick? Glad everything is fixed now 🙂


When I switch over to the REPL window from my main window Cursive/Intellij will always save my files. even though I have "Save files on frame deactivation" disabled. Intellij does NOT save my files if I switch to other Intellij windows, such as "Find'. It also behaves correctly when I switch to other frames like the browser


@kenny That’s very strange. I’ll try to fiddle with that now, because I saw exactly the same number you did.


@rauh Yes, it does. This was a change I made a while ago, because it was very surprising for people sometimes when that didn’t happen


Sorry, I missed your message the other day - you don’t want this because you don’t want Figwheel to kick in, is that right?


Yes, I have some bad state that doesn't rerender properly and I need to debug it. But as soon as figwheel kicks in, everything is good and I can't debug my components state


so I need to not reload.


I can’t think of a good way around that unfortunately, unless you write your debug code in the editor and send the forms to the REPL without switching to the REPL editor.


It’s not ideal, for sure, but it should work.


Yeah it's not a huge problem, and I tend to not have to bugs all the time (thankfully 🙂 )


If it's too complicated then no worries.


Yeah, it’s an unusual use case - I wonder if the REPL saving should obey that flag, though.


IMO it should, can you not get that flag easily through some API?


Yeah, I should be able to. Could you file an issue so I don’t forget about that?


Will do! Thanks


Great, thanks


How do you manage multiple projects (e.g microservices) at the same time? Is there some way to have multiple repls or something like that? Some of these are on separate repositories.


@yonatanel Yes, you can import multiple Leiningen projects into the same IntelliJ/Cursive project. They will be imported as IntelliJ modules. You can then have multiple REPL configurations, and those configurations specify the project they should use.


Yes, I see there are REPL tabs for more than one


If they can be pulled apart I'm gonna need a bigger screen :)


Hi! There is a way to pretty-print with color on the repl? I know @cfleming was trying to do this automatically


doesn't work either, for some reason I think this was working before


ah! found it, I was printing a datomic.query.EntityMap


if I print a simple map or convert the EntityMap into a normal clj map aprint works as expected


For the past few minutes I couldn't reset my keybindings and got stuck with paredit or something like that. Had to start over from "Default for XWIN"


OK I think I misunderstood the clojure keybindings panel. never mind


As of recently, unable to run tests in cursive, I get this error trying to eval a test under my caret: Error evaluating - class java.lang.NullPointerException:


@denik Do you get anything more useful in your log? Help-&gt;Show log in Finder


@cfleming yup

2016-11-29 10:32:21,314 [71187199]  ERROR -             cursive.repl.nrepl - Error evaluating
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
 at cursive.repl.actions$path_dependency_map$fn__9298.invoke (actions.clj:290)
    clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap.kvreduce (
    clojure.core/fn (core.clj:6536)
    clojure.core.protocols$fn__6531$G__6526__6540.invoke (protocols.clj:174)
    clojure.core$reduce_kv.invoke (core.clj:6562)
    cursive.repl.actions$path_dependency_map.invoke (actions.clj:289)
    cursive.repl.actions$load_file_BANG_.invoke (actions.clj:325)
    cursive.repl.actions$load_file$fn__9344.invoke (actions.clj:401)
    cursive.repl.nrepl$submit$fn__3432.invoke (nrepl.clj:126) ( (
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker (
    java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ ( (


@denik Does File-&gt;Invalidate caches help with this? It looks like you have a namespace that’s a little funky somewhere - it might be that the indexes have corrupted, or you might actually have something like a namespace which requires one that doesn’t exist, or something like that.


@cfleming thanks, that resolved it! Not sure if theres something funky in the codebase. Would think that should show up during compilation.


@denik Yeah, if the cache invalidation fixed it, it was probably an indexing bug.


You’re off the hook 🙂


Can cursive tell me how many time a function needed to run ?