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@ggaillard that's intense 😄


what? I didn't get it.


he's got his computer with him


Does anyone know why this project didn't gain more traction?


Anyone around for it? I could see the usefulness in a native implementation

Geoffrey Gaillard20:11:12

Nice project ! Maybe I'm mistaken, but it seems they tried to reimplement in C what the JVM does for the java world ? Right ?


At least this is my understanding...


It's going to be very hard to interop with java byte code in a native binary without embedding your own JVM in the binary. I think it is closer to clojure-script where somethings are supported but it provides its own API to interact with native binaries


Anyways, I was just gauging interest. I might work on doing this with LLVM

Geoffrey Gaillard20:11:43

Ok, nice. Well that brings me to a pertinent question : why this project didn't gain more traction? ^^ I looked over projects trying to reach the same goal through LLVM but the landscape was similar, not much traction.


LLVM doesn't give you as much as the JVM, frankly.


It gives you code generation, but you still need a solid GC and really good Polymorphic dispatch.


@ggaillard so I think the answer to your question is: "They don't solve a problem people have". There are several projects that implement Clojure-like stuff on a "native" platform (I've even written one or two), but they often suffer from poor interop or just don't offer anything compelling over CLJS on Node.


@poooogles perhaps, but it is true. Although I'd love to hear an argument otherwise.


If I was writing clojure code targeting a C-based runtime (or compiled artifact), I would want C interop, not Java interop


But yeah, the JVM gives alot more than just the language/bytecode to run that you’re left with implementing yourself.

Geoffrey Gaillard20:11:12

When you say over CLJS on Node, you mean CLJS + C++ V8 addons ?


(GC for example)


@ggaillard I' mean you can run CLJS on node and it starts pretty fast. Node has some libraries that allow for fairly easy C Interop. So if you're super concerned about startup time that's a solution that exists today.


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