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I just created a ticket with a patch proposing a refactor to the quick-check loop that includes a clean way to provide feedback during the test run and also to augment/modify the state carried over during the process, making it easy to implement things like early abort, calculating statistics, adding timestamps at different steps of the process, etc. Feel free to give your feedback in


That would be an interesting extension point for users


transducers might have something to do with this


I'd like to hear more about your transducers idea :)


It might be thwarted by the irregularity of the shrinking phase


But transducers are maybe related in that they separate the sequence processing logic from the orchestration, so that you can do things like swap in async orchestration


It would be cool if parallelism where swappinable too, but I don't think transducers are amenable to that


I spent a lot of braintime trying to figure out how to do something transducerlike with the test.check shrink-tree but I think it seemed to hard to do while allowing the shrinking algorithm to do whatever it wanted


I forget what problem I was trying to solve exactly; probably just vague performance