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As a note — the inability for the socket repl to do these things is why the nrepl hasn't lost favour. I understand comments were made by tool makers about how the socket repl didn't in any way fulfill the needs of current nrepl usage.


Would it be possible for clojure-socketrepl.nvim to create a namespace within the project? Something named via uuid or similar to prevent cloberring, and load into it a CIDER-like set of functions (for catching out, etc.) This is lisp after all, and we can evaluate. Once that is done, you could fairly safely wrap every evaluation in your code, and then parse it in vim.


bencoding would be a fairly suitable encoding I suppose. Even though it's been poorly implemented by us on the python-nrepl-client, we've eventually figured it out, and the code is very concise. tpope has a bdecoder in vimscript, so it's possible to decode it again on the vim side.


does anyone know how to get regular autocomplete functions from insert mode in terminal mode for neovim?


specifically I have a boot repl running in terminal mode and would like to <C-x><C-f> a file in my current directory


@dominicm yep, that could happen. And your point regarding nrepl is a good one. nrepl is a mature project w/ a design goal of satisfying toolmakers. clojure-socketrepl.nvim is a toy really.


@mikepjb not sure that's possible. You might want to look at some of the plugins which open a scratch buffer to ease editing commands. That would work I think