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Micah Redding03:10:02

Anyone doing Clojure as a freelancer? Is that workable? What’s it like?


I do. Absolutely. Quite amazing. :)

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Micah Redding23:10:42

What kinds of projects do you work on? Greenfield, stand-alone, upgrades to existing systems...?


Kinda all over the place. One project was a greenfield one. Initially started with Python but eventually rewrote almost completely in Clojure. The other one was started with Python as well, although it's based on some other Python code written before me. It's still is mainly in Python because it relies on quite a lot of Python code that I cannot easily replace. But the UI is in ClojureScript. The third one was started by someone else and I continued where they left off. By now you can guess the trend - it was in Python, I rewrote it in Clojure completely.

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