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I like pull in theory because it clearly separates the point at which data is fetched from the processing logic. With entity as I understand it any attribute access may end up doing i/o. That said my colleagues have pushed for using entity pretty much everywhere, which makes things really convenient and hasn't caused any issues. So... I think I'm fine with entity alone


Thanks for that feedback. 🙂


I'm not currently an Asami user, so feel free to ignore, but I find the Datomic pull API a must-have feature in my day-to-day work. This is definitely a biased view, since the same syntax is used to define data-fetching on the frontend (Fulcro components), apis (EQL), and backend (Pathom and Datomic). Pathom and EQL has really highlighted the power of the pull syntax, as I can easily support other kinds of storage engines (e.g. SQL dbs, KV dbs, and HTTP apis) without changing the language-franca of the system. It's a nice cherry on top if the query engine just supports the pull syntax directly. 😉 For me the killer feature of the pull-syntax is that it separates data-filtering from data-pulling [sic]. The data-filtering is often complicated enough it needs to be written as code anyways, but the data-pulling can be written and manipulated as a data structure (makes it easy to serialize, allow/forbid keys, do various kinds of clojure.walk term-rewriting, safely accept and sanitize from outside users, etc).


To be honest, when it was first introduced in Datomic I already had code that did something similar, and I didn’t see the need to go back and refactor everything to start using it. As a result, I haven’t really used the Pull API very much at all, and don’t know the full extent of it


Likewise I'm not an Asami user, but we added eql/project to Crux to essentially serve the same function as pull in the find vector. The EQL library made it pretty straightforward to add the basic functionality in ~30 LoC (discounting other changes/additions to plumbing, and we've yet to support recursion or unions) see the PR: I think being declarative is a major part of what makes Datalog great, and pull/EQL just extends the declarative-ness further