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@cfleming While doing web dev I often have a CLJ and CLJS repl running. Oftentimes I want to evaluate expressions of CLJ/CLJS files in their respective REPLS which currently requires matching the file type with the repl. Is there a way to auto-switch REPLs by filetype? Would be a great improvement for my DX


Lately I’ve been having trouble with stub generation. It used to work fine, then one day it didn’t. When I press “Generate now”, I get an error after a few seconds. The Event Log doesn’t provide much detail:


Here’s how to diagnose: 1. Open Help-&gt;Diagnostic Tools-&gt;Debug Log Settings. 2. In the box that’s opened, enter #cursive.stubs and press Ok. 3. Reproduce the problem. You can do that by refreshing your project from the lein or deps tool window, whichever you’re using. That should show the notification if you don’t already have it. Then press “Generate now”. 4. Send me your log file from Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.


Thanks! I’ll send it to you, along with some more info.


How can I troubleshoot this?