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Yeah, I couldn't attend, so I'm glad we saw a preview of what he presented first!

practicalli-johnny12:10:33 is a user level configuration for using a range of community tools on top of Clojure CLI tools


One thing to note about the presentation is that the command flag -A is deprecated, you should be using the -M flag, for Clojure.main. There is also an -X flag that used key/value pairs as arguments, which is a more Clojurey approach. Perhaps I should do an update of this video


I decided to cover the Practicalli/clojure-deps-edn configuration in this weeks broadcast so you can see the updated approach to defining and using aliases. If there is anything specific you want to see, let me know.

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Windows clj is very uncooperative with command-line switches because characters needs to be escaped. Maybe that could be one of the points covered, that Windows folks should stick to deps.edn? I'm over at PST, or I would absolutely attend your meetups! I will have to settle for your excellent recordings instead!


@U419CTSQN windows can be a bit tricky so I believe, although I've only used Leiningen on Windows. I've followed some discussions in #clj-on-windows and it seems that Windows 10 with Windows Sub-system for Linux (WSL) definitely makes things a lot simpler. I've tried using powershell a few years ago, but didnt have the time to figure it out. I tended to use msys2 on the rare occasions I had to use Windows. Borkdues deps.edn does seem very useful for windows (when you do not have access to WSL). It would seem that CLI tools will encourage more use of Edn, so options could just be read from an edn file, like kaocha does.