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I'm having a problem, possibly with comint, that I tried so hard to phrase for google but came up short. Maybe you folks will have an idea on a next debug step. I installed the indium package in an attempt to get a nicer repl experience when I gotta work with straight JS. When I send forms to the repl though, there is a weird phenomenon where this: let variable = "hi"; shows up in the target window like this: > > > l> le> let> let > let v> let va> let var> let vari> let varia> let variab> let variabl> let variable> let variable > let variable => let variable = > let variable = "> let variable = "h> let variable = "hi> let variable = "hi"> let variable = "hi";


I've been trying to get parinfer v3 (aka "smart-mode") to work in Emacs. I've been using it in Cursive. I've found two implementations: 1. parinfer-mode, the smart branch: 2. parinfer-rust-mode: I've been able to get both up and running, but none of them seem to work like the reference implementation: A test that I made is to type a ( in front of the {:sum ... map. Both implementations don't automatically "slurp" the hashmap into a pair of parens (ie turning it into

({:sum sum 
  :prod prod})
Anyone had other experiences?


don't have an answer to your question, but if you don't have much luck here, there is a #parinfer fwiw

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