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Michael Thurmond18:08:39

Has anyone had success with being a contract clojure developer? Or are you better off doing something with python, c#, Js etc?


Yep, I currently have 3 Clojure[Script] projects.


Although in each case I was able to just select my preferred stack without any limitations. Clojure was not required in the first place.

Michael Thurmond18:08:11

Gotcha, did you drum up work locally or through a website


One client did indeed meet me through a third-party company's website. But we work directly now (perfectly in accordance with that company's contracts, no worries). To another client I came directly and said that I wanted to work with them. The third client just came through the word of mouth.


And none of the clients are anywhere close to me geographically. They are in USA, the Netherlands, and Russia. And I'm in Cyprus currently.


I just watched a clojure talk on youtube from 2019 where the guy leading a 150-person clojure shop said that Clojurescript devs are unicorns. That's not entirely surprising given that front-end work tends to be more chaotic (many more moving parts, frameworks, dependencies, etc.).


So, if I were hoping to be a freelance Clojure dev, I would probably focus on Clojurescript+React.


Some time ago I made a conclusion that focusing on something just because there's a bigger chance of getting a higher compensation for your work is not a great approach. That is, assuming that you can be focusing just as much, if not more, on something that you enjoy doing. But of course YMMV.

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My current role started as a contract, which was then converted to fulltime.