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How do folks handle deploying the same ion config to N different Datomic Cloud systems? Datomic only allows the ion config to be specified as a static edn file on the classpath. Right now we have to dynamically generate that file for each datomic system at deploy time. It feels quite hacky though. I'd really like a single "master" config where I can customize the :app-name at deployment time.

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What I do is worse; change the classpath (in deps.edn) each time I deploy. I’d love to see a better solution, too!


I do the same thing. Overwriting the file and doing an unreproducible deployment. Feels wrong


@U04VC606L @U0510KXTU @U6GFE9HS7 @U018P5YRB8U Pinging you all since you seemed interested in this. I created a post on the Datomic forum so this doesn't get lost in Slack. Post is here:

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May be misunderstanding the use case, but all our environments have the same app name, only the aws profile (in gitlab deployment params) determine where it's being deployed to.


I think you can customize profile when calling the deploy functions, right?


My use case is for dev/staging/prod deploys of the app. By “AWS profile”, I’m assuming that means you have an AWS account per deploy? That seems overkill for my simple use case, but perhaps there are benefits to keeping envs isolated in that way.


Yes, separate accounts. It probably is overkill for a simple case. I use terraform for the AWS stuff so creating another account/deployment is relatively low effort


I was wondering, whats the procedure to delete data from datomic cloud, due to data regulations?


My understanding is that excision is not available in Datomic Cloud. So if you’re worried about GDPR or similar, you’re better off storing any identifying data elsewhere.

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@U7JK67T3N This would be our primary path

Jon Walch22:08:36

Is it possible to downgrade a production topology to a solo topology?


I haven’t tried it, but I suspect it should be possible. I believe both topologies share the same storage layer.