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I’ve used the kaocha orb and heroku orb successfully with CircleCI and found both very easy to use.


@gordonsyme_clojurians I think Orbs are quite fine. It is just a bit cumbersome in an open-source project like replikativ(Datahike) where you have a lot of projects. The problem is that I do want to use orbs but there are three things: 1. I don't have org-rights to add the necessary permissions and namespace, so I have to ask maintainers to do it 2. There is no way to have a default workflow set up for all the projects. I have to add a workflow to all the projects and if I want to change it, then I have to change all the workflows in all the projects. 3. I had a bit of a problem with finding the necessary bits of information:

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Thanks, this is useful


To check I’m understanding properly: You have a lot of small projects, and you want to have them all implement the same workflow? And orbs don’t help you achieve that?


exactly :thumbsup: afaik there is no way to specify a workflow in an orb aside from examples...I will have to update all the projects when I want to change the default workflow


like I want to add formatting to the default workflow


@jr0cket thanks!

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