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Has anyone been able to run REBL using spacemacs?


I'll check reveal and portal


I think portal will be easier to run with CIDER, reveal works more like REBL, although you can use reveal as a tap> source


There are several tools similar to REBL for data browsing or inspecting data. I still use cider-inspect the most though, as its built into CIDER.


After reading this, I tried cider-inspect. I liked it. A couple of questions: • Do you have evil keys in that buffer? I can only move with hjkl • I inspected (pressed enter) a keyword in a map and cider-inspect buffer showed me its content. Is there a way to return to the upper level of the map?


L (captial l) takes you to a parent, if you are in a nested data structure


I prefer staying in emacs. I'll test cider-inspect with some big ring request


I found cider-inspect very useful when working with a data science data set I used for Covid19 visualisations. Really nice for paging through data and nested expressions. I don't really understand tap, datafy and REBL that much yet, but great to see them evolve.


I haven't watched those videos yet


I use inspect all the time. I haven’t found rebl all that compelling


trying to do a new installation of spacemacs on a new OS, it is not able to find most of the packages such as helm etc. I have even tried starting it with the --insecure flag


after cloning spacemacs I have switched to the develop folder, I am using the cloned practicalli/spacemacs.d


That's quite strange. You could move the .spacemacs.d and restart, just to check there isn't a bug in there (apologies if there is)


If Emacs is less than version 26.3 then it could be the authentication issue with melpa.


If it's MacOSX it could be running the old Emacs 22 that is included by default


Its manjaro linux, and emacs version is 27.2, i just tried a fresh install of soom emacs and it worked (I guess its cloning repos instead if installing packages from melpa but not sure)


Could be melpa having issues, it's rare but happens.


I was using Emacs 27 without any issues, although am using Emacs 28 snapshots on Ubuntu at the moment


Another thought, it could be that some emacs packages have been installed via the manjaro package manager, this could cause some conflict (although I've not used manjaro for a long time)


maybe it was a melpa issue, started it again after a day and its working 🙂


Melpa happens 😁


could you also list what binaries would be good to have installed for searching etc I underdstand these are optional ones, however they could really improve the dev experience


Easy, I already did that 😁 I've added this link to the practicalli/spacemacs.d README to make it more discoverable


Let me know if you think something is missing