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@trailcapital @mpenet @christian.gonzalez As for Canadian French importing fewer foreign words than Parisian French: That may be a pattern of expat/diaspora communities. The same applies to overseas Slovaks (descendants of Slovaks from former Czechoslovakia) who moved to former Yugoslavia (and then to USA, Australia...). They kept the vocabulary and pronunciation more original (similar to old Slovak movies). That may apply to us, Clojurians, too. Since we're a small community, we are more active between ourselves and more open to remote collaboration, than crowds (Java). And (unlike Scala) we refuse to mix ingredients willy-nilly.


^^ way to bring it back to Clojure 😉


Speaking of Canadian tech, I just read an article about the porn industry and, apparently, the biggest player, MindGeek, and one or two other big porn companies are based out of Montreal.


This surprised me. And, Montreal being a relatively small city, I wonder how it affects the tech community overall there.


TIL about Montreal 🙂


They have a big gaming industry out there