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Vincent Cantin15:12:31

@martinklepsch Currently, how many users are using the website per minute, in average? .. just to get an idea of the scale

Vincent Cantin15:12:06

specifically, how many are using the search box per minute.

Vincent Cantin15:12:14

I am thinking that it would be easy to just not use a 100% Lucene solution for selecting the best search result, as long as the server is not under heavy load.


I can't give you good answers to that (there's no tracking) but I don't think that there's a lot of traffic to the search currently


@vincent.cantin what do you have in mind as an alternative to lucene? Definitely not committed to lucene but we'll need something that doesn't rely on keeping all data in memory I think

Vincent Cantin15:12:01

I am thinking that it may be doable to simply use a Clojure function for collecting the best n results, using the expressivity of Clojure instead of getting stuck on the advanced usage of Lucene, by parsing all (or a big part) of the libraries.

Vincent Cantin15:12:21

That would be a temporary solution that the end user could start to use until someone has time to use Lucene correctly.


@vincent.cantin the issue with a Clojure function is that all the data needs to be in memory. If we're looking for a temporary solution we could also consider just using sqlite LIKE queries