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Hello Clojurians! Anyone here interested in a fresh opportunity next year? We’ve nearly secured a place on an accelerator program and thus would like to add a developer to the team 🚀 When I say nearly I mean we’re amongst 20 startups being interviewed for 10 places 🤞 You must be able to live and work in Germany for a minimum of 6 months, starting mid Feb 🇩🇪 Some experience with Natural Language Processing would be an advantage. PM me for more details 😊


this sounds exciting, probably worth posting in #jobs

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I could be interested in, but I want to work remotely from Poland as Sole Proprietorship (this is not to negotiate). Of course I will go for team building meetings. I have more then 4 years experience in Clojure(Script) I guess this 6 months in Germany is about grants and it fail right now 😉


Thanks but no thanks