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Two questions. One straight forward the other a bit more subjective 🙂. 1. How do you enable a spell checker? Nothing i find seems to care that i have typed serach instead of search 2. Whats a good way to go about learning emacs through the spacemacs perspective. e.g I feel like we have layers instead of packages. Often Packages have instructions like "just add this" (some code i dont understand) but it doesn't even explain where or what it does, i feel like the readmes assume an expert level but given how sprawling emacs and that i'm fairly committed to spacemacs it hard to figure out where to start and where im supposed to end up in terms of learning ideas.


@drewverlee 1) spell-checking layer - this needs an external spell checker on your operating system to work though. It looks for aspell by default (on Windows, this is a bit of a challenge to get working)


2) a bit of self promo of my (work in progress) book on Spacemacs...


thanks! spell-checking is what im using now, i should have said that. I'm on ubuntu so maybe i need to enable something.


spell-checking should just work if you have aspell installed. Try running it on the command line in ubuntu


its installed


could the linter joker be doing something to interfere? im just guessing now


I assume aspell also needs one of the dictionaries to be installed too


but that should all be by default


I doubt joker is the problem, as it doesnt break things for me


If you look at the spell-checking docs, SPC h SPC spell-checking it does tell you how to disable spell checking, so maybe try the opposite of that


Thanks. To be clear. In emacs, in clojure-mode, if i type serch i would for the editor to indicate its probably a misspelled word. Right now, nothing happens.


i disabled and enabled, nothing happened


Ah, interesting. If you have serch as a string, then spell-checking works just fine (for me). If serch is a symbol or a function name, then Joker is reporting an error (and possibly hiding the spelling mistake).


In what context are you using serch? In a string, a function name, argument, ???


Right, yes. As a string it highlights as red


I should have been more clear, i would like it to be checking symbols and keywords to i suppose. Which is probably the hard part of this...


Hmm, interesting things happening here. If you use SPC SPC flyspell-correct-at-point on either a symbol or keyword then it will offer you a helm list of spell check corrections. However, as you have seen its not showing you the spell-checking visual warnings in the text


It seems (and this is an assumption) that keywords are simply ignored by spell-checking and symbols show the error from Joker (presumably over the top of or instead of the spell-checking visual error).