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anyone else get the feeling that there's a much higher than typical number of full-stack stuff in clojure jobs?


I only see the occasional backend job listing, and even fewer pure front-end


my place is hiring for backend, but i'm just surprised we're in the minority here


here's my guess on that: lots of places using clojure have smaller teams, and possibly smaller budgets, and therefore are more likely to want someone who can work across the stack rather than specialize on the back or front end


people who are seeking out clojure specifically are likely to already be more versatile so it makes more sense to hire them to do more


We're unusual in being a small company with separate small front-end and small back-end teams, so I agree with @jrotenberg here.


my guess, based on recently trying to hire, is that anyone looking for a full stack/front end/back end person specific to clojure is happy to see clojure experience in any one of those capacities on a resume